Code of Ethics

Ethical codes are embraced by organizations to guide members in understanding the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and in applying that understanding to their decisions.  All members including the three main tiers of executive bodies shall follow and observe the following code of ethics for better delivery of services:

  • The PEB members shall give input, resources and time as required
  • The PEB members shall respect the views, opinions and suggestions of others members in the coalition
  • The coalition shall support the rights based approach of its PEB and GB members
  • The PEB members shall hold themselves accountable to both those who seek to assist and those from whom they accept resources for mobilization
  • Any member of PCCHI can speak for the constituency when presenting positions that have been approved by the coalition. Many members may have interests beyond the activities of the coalition and PCCHI does not address all issues related to immunization. Consequently, members must be careful to differentiate between their own views and those that have been approved by the executive body and not present their personal/organizational views as representing the entire constituency

An effective Code of Ethics shall help establish the ethical expectations for members and executive bodies alike and further shall set forth the tools for quality enforcement and consequences of defiance.