Since 2012, CHIP has been working as a facilitating CSO and hosting PCCHI Secretariat.  Core responsibilities of PCCHI Secretariat are as follows:

  • Formulate strategies and policies for the coalition in consultation with National Executive Body and get endorsement from general body;
  • Maintain and update charter of PCCHI in consultation with National Executive Body;
  • Represent PCCHI at national and international forums;
  • Coordinate with National and Provincial Executive Bodies for functioning of PCCHI.
  • Build Alliance with the primary stakeholders;
  • Update member CSOs data and share it with international and national stakeholders;
  • Collect, assemble and disseminate the information of activities performed by CSOs
  • To strengthen PCCHI and build capacity of member CSOs;
  • Assemble and disseminate the reports of activities with the stakeholders;
  • Develop and maintain database, profiles and resources of PCCHI;
  • Attend meetings of government and stakeholders to mobilize resources;
  • Identify new CSOs member through defined criteria;
  • Prepare advocacy campaign for enhancing the role of CSOs in immunization and health;
  • The coalition incorporates lessons learned and best practices into organizational practices and program activities.