PCCHI Governance Structure

The organizational structure mainly comprises three tiers.  The National Executive Body being the highest level and then Provincial Executive Bodies (one for each province) and then the general body members.  Secretariat serves as a coordination and facilitating body with each tier and between all tiers and stakeholders.

Governance Structure

Governing Body (August 2016 – August 2019)

No. Governing Tier Members
1. NEB AGAHE, HELP (Chairperson), NIDA Pakistan
2. PEB Sindh HELP, CDF, MDF (Chairperson),
3. PEB KPK HUJRA, NIDA Pakistan, REPID (Chairperson),
4. PEB Punjab AGAHE (Chairperson), AWAZ CD, REEDS,

Chairmanship will rotate on yearly basis among the executive body members and just before the end of three years period, elections will be held to elect new governing bodies.

Notifications for NEB and PEBs:

  1. Notification for NEB
  2. Notification for PEB, Sindh
  3. Notification for PEB, Punjab
  4. Notification for PEB, KPK