Election of PCCHI

Announcement of Elections
We are pleased to announce the elections of National and Provincial Executive Body Elections to be held on April 19, 2016. Any PCCHI member CSO if fulfills the eligibility criteria can apply for the following two positions.

1.1 Membership of Provincial Executive Body.
1.2 Membership of National Executive Body

The election process has the following phases:

Phases of elections Duration Responsibility
a. Announcement of election via email, face book and website posting 01 day Secretariat
b. Submission of nomination form by the interested CSOs for National and Provincial Executive Body. 05 days Interested CSOs
c. Verification of the nomination form and its attachments against the eligibility criteria 05 days Secretariat
d. Online Display of Verified Nomination Forms that fulfill eligibility criteria for National Executive Body and Provincial Executive body 05 days Secretariat
e. Voting by member CSOs for their respective provinces 02 days All member CSOs
f. Announcement of results 01 day Secretariat
g. First Meeting after the results 01 day Secretariat

The criteria and process of elections is as follow:

2. Eligibility for the Membership of National or Provincial Executive Body
Only PCCHI member CSOs qualify to participate in the election. Each individual CSO will be represented by its designated focal person communicated by the executive director via his/her signatures on the organisational letterhead.

A. Programme Capacity
• The CSO has experience of working on immunization for more than three years either as direct service delivery or social mobilisation through a funded project for increasing immunization coverage.
• CSO’s working on increasing immunization coverage and maternal child health care issues.

B. Financial Controls
• CSO’s having satisfactory external audit report for the preceding three consecutive years from an audit firm that is certified by the state bank and audit reports are made public.

C. Linkages
CSO’s have formal MoU with district or provincial health department for its working in the province.

D. Interest and Willingness to Contribute for the Strengthening of PCCHI
• Individual CSO who have responded the secretariat for sharing of its profile and immunization related data for the quarter July-Oct 2015.
• Organizations willing to work voluntarily in the light of the vision, mission and policies of PCCHI and willing to contribute at least 08 hours per month for the enhancement and affairs of PCCHI.

E. PCCHI Membership
• PCCHI member CSOs who have received letter from Secretariat confirming their status as a general body member.
F. Legally Allowed to Work by the Provincial Government
• CSO’s registered under any of the legal acts applicable in Pakistan.
• CSOs who have not received any objection from any legal authority or government department about their working in the province.

3. Available Positions in National Executive Body and Provincial Executive Body
The general body members of PCCHI can apply for the executive body positions as per number of vacancies stated in the following table. One CSO cannot hold two positions i.e. National Executive Body Membership and Provincial Executive Body Membership. Only two CSOs per province can apply for the position of National Executive Body if they meet the eligibility criteria stated under article 2 above.

Elections will be held after PCCHI expansion in these areas
Type of Nominations Sindh Punjab KPK-FATA Baluchistan GB/AJK
Member National Executive Body 1 from each province
Member Provincial Executive Body 2 from each province

4. Closing Date and Time for Submission of Nominations
The closing date and time for the submission of nomination for National Executive Body Membership and Provincial Executive Body Membership is February 1, 2016.

5. Instructions for Posting Nomination Form
• Down load the nomination form in PDF from the website of PCCHI;
• Take printout of the form and fill details of your CSO in your hand writing;
• Access the online form and fill the complete details as per instructions written on the PCCHI website.
• One CSO can apply either for National Executive Body or Provincial Executive Body. If any CSO will apply for both the positions, the nomination form will be rejected for both the positions.
• CSOs based in their respective province can apply only for their own provincial related positions.
• No CSO based in one province can apply for another province. If any of the CSO claim to be working in all province will have to declare which province, it opts to be considered CSO’s base province for immunisation and health for nomination and voting.
• Please post your correct attachment. Any nomination form with wrong attachments will be rejected.
• Secretariat is not eligible for applying for any position.
• The candidate, must submit a bank draft of PKR 10,000/- for contesting national executive and PKR
5,000/- for Provincial executive member on the name of Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization
and send it to below address;
CHIP House, Plot #01, (Fayyaz Market), Street #9, G-8/2 Islamabad.
The nominee will only be considered as eligible if the bank draft received not later than 1st February,2016 at 1700 hrs.
• No nomination form or document will be accepted if submitted in hard copy, except bank draft.

6. Eligibility for Casting Vote
• Each CSO will be issued a user name and password, which could be utilized for casting vote by one person only from each CSO.
• Voting can be done only through online system
• Voting results will be visible on the website
• Only one authorized person from each member CSO can caste vote whose name is listed as a primary focal person in the CSOs data-base.
• Secretariat is not eligible for casting of vote for any position.

6.1 List of Eligible CSOs Who Can Caste Vote
Insert list of CSOs. Each CSO should be able to click its name and access its voting area (list of CSOs attached)

6.2 Instructions for Casting Vote
6.2.1 Each CSO click its name, you will reach to your login area;
6.2.2 Each CSO enter its user name and password, you will be able to see the available names of CSOs contesting for provincial executive body and national executive body;
6.2.3 Each CSO can cast one vote for provincial executive body and one vote for national executive body for the nomination received from its province only.

7. Closing Date and Time for Casting Vote
The deadline for the casting of vote is April 21 , 2016 until 1700 hours.

8. Election Process
8.1 All PCCHI members would be asked to submit their nomination via online system;
8.2 Member CSOs will get one week time for the submission of their nomination forms;
8.3 All interested CSOs are required to submit their nomination form on the designated form shared by the secretariat;
8.4 Nominations received via online system will be assessed against eligibility criteria by the secretariat.
8.5 The following types of nominations will be rejected:
• Nomination received through any other channel;
• Incomplete nomination form;
• Nominations that do not fulfill the eligibility criteria;
8.6 Names of all candidates that full the eligibility criteria would be posted on the website;
8.7 Election date will be announced via email, PCCHI website and social media pages of PCCHI;
8.8 General body is requested to cast vote through electronic system (website);
8.9 Secretariat would review and announce decision through email, website and social media pages;
8.10 Secretariat calls first meeting of finally elected members and hold elections for chairperson of each national and provincial executive body.

9. Announcement of Decision of Election
• Names of CSOs with their number of votes received;
• CSOs receiving highest number of votes will receive a confirmation email from secretariat about their success as a provincial and national executive body member.

10. Observation
Any stakeholder including government, donor, United Nations, media can observe the election process by creating their login. The procedure for the creation of login is as follow:

a. Enter your full name
b. Enter full name of your organisation
c. Enter your nationality
d. Enter scanned copy of first page of your passport
e. Enter scanned copy of a letter on your organisational letter head and explain, why are you interested in PCCHI
f. Enter your organisational email address

It will take 2-3 days and your user name and password will be confirmed to you to access the website and observe the election process.

Eligible CSOs List-PCCHI member 2016