Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization (PCCHI) came into being in 2011 through the efforts of 15 CSOs who at the time of its inception were working on health system strengthening in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and AJK/GB.  These CSOs worked in partnership with Federal Ministry of Health, EPI and UNICEF, through Gavi type B funds in Pakistan.  Later during 2012, Gavi through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) extended a dedicated financial support to strengthen PCCHI in a phased manner starting from Sindh province.  Ever since 2012, PCCHI has been growing and expanding.  During the last few years, the membership base has expanded from 15 to 68 and have gained active presence in Sindh, Punjab and KPK.   During 2016-17, Secretariat has been focusing in Balochistan for expansion.  PCCHI, continuously work towards its strengthening, capacity building, establishing its membership in other provinces and relationship building with key stakeholders.

What We Offer

  • PCCHI maintains partners from as many as 75 districts and have developed a coordination mechanism and can quickly mobilize on a large scale project;
  • Member CSOs are working directly in the communities therefore PCCHI provide field perspective for the policy and technical matters;
  • PCCHI member CSOs have received trainings on important and recent health and immunisation topics like health system strengthening, advocacy practices for immunisation, equity promotion, etc;
  • Advocacy with health authorities at district, provincial and federal level to address issues pertaining to service delivery of vaccination;
  • Participation and inputs in federal and provincial review and planning meetings, federal level national interagency coordination committee meetings, district level meetings, etc; and
  • PCCHI has technical expertise to do scientific researches, independent monitoring on immunisation coverage, mobilization in security risk, culturally and religiously rigid areas.

Let’s learn more about PCCHI through this documentary